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Clinical Chemistry

Optics and Fiber Optics for Medical Devices and Analyzers.

Medical and Analytical Device Manufacturers rely on our expertise

We supply thousands of fiber bundles and cables and also other optical components for various analyzers and medical devices every year. Together with our Customers we are facing and successfully solving Optics challenges.

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Oplatek - case Life Sciences

A large corporation producing equipment and analyzers for clinical chemistry began producing a microplate reader with a static fiber bundle array. Their objective was to make the reader more efficient both in cost and performance. The idea of changing the static multi-channel reader to a one channel traversing reader was considered the best course of action.
In order to build the traversing reader, they needed an optical fiber bundle, that would have superior  transmission capability in the UV spectrum, yet it also had to be mechanically stable to withstand constant movement.
The first trials were made with the same optical fiber used in the previous static model as specified by the customer. The fiber failed mechanically and in performance because of problem in stability as reflected by  bending induced attenuation. The company was unable to resolve these problems.
Oplatek Group Oy suggested to design an entirely new type of fiber, from which the bundle would be made. The fiber was designed and tested in-house. Oplatek’s R&D team designed and tested several variations. The fiber bundle was redesigned using the new fibers. Success was attained and a stable, bend-resistent fiber was offered to the company. The new design was approved and since then about 10000 units have been delivered.
The next generation reader has a slightly modified fiber bundle, again the customer gave Oplatek Group Oy the task to define the fiber bundle design. About 2000 units of the next generation fibers have been delivered.
The overall performance of the fiber bundle has been steady, corrective actions have not been necessary. The cost savings for the customer when using one traversing reader instead of eight is considerable. Also the new designs have made new technologies and applications possible.

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