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Process Industry

Optical Components and Modules for On-line and Off-line Process Measurement Devices and Analyzers.

Optics Solutions for Rough Conditions

Oplatek is supplying optomechanical assemblies, devices and components to several process automation and instrumentation manufacturers. We have experience of solutions for extreme environments. We are putting our expertise and experience at your disposal.

We work with Customers from various industries

Our biggest segment are solutions for customers who are supplying to devices for paper manufacturing process. No matter what Your process is, we might be able to solve Your Optics challenge!

We have designed and manufactured various specialty fiber cables and bundles for harsh applications and at various wavelenghts from UV to NIR. We produce airtight and sealed Optics solutions. Our sales team will help you to design optimal solutions.

Our Fiber Specifications and Service Data Sheets can be loaded from DOWNLOADS.

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