Oplatek Group Oy has appointed new Environmental Coordinator and Quality Manager

Jorma Korhonen has started as Environmental Coordinator alongside his position as Sourcing Manager. His responsibilities include planning and implementing environmental operations to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous development of environmental sustainability. Oplatek has had an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system since 2006. The certificate provides assurance to company management, employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved in the company. “One indicator is the use of energy. We have been able to cut down the energy consumption by renewing production equipment and by replacing conventional lighting tubes with high-performance LED tubes.”, says Korhonen. “In the near future, recycling aspects are growing in importance in the society, and also for us.”, he continues.

In addition to his position as Sales Manager, Kimmo Solehmainen has started as Quality Manager. He is responsible for planning and executing practices to ensure that the quality standards are met in Oplatek’s production. The basis for the work is Oplatek’s certified quality system, which complies the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Further framework for the quality assurance is set by various laws, rules, regulations, and protocols, that need to be considered when conducting international manufacturing service business in photonics. “Quality control is essential for maintaining the good brand, as well as for improving the competitiveness and profitability of the company. I am excited to contribute in such an essential role in Oplatek’s operations. We already have had a certified quality management system in place since 2005 and many quality assurance policies have been put in use over the years. The idea is to develop these and come up with new ideas on how to further improve quality. “, Solehmainen says.