Oplatek is the leading Nordic provider of specialty optical fibers and capillaries.

  • Silica UV-VIS and VIS-NIR fibers
  • Silica capillaries
  • Fiber coating (acrylates, silicone, polyimide, biocompatible)
  • PCS (polymer coated silica) UV-VIS and VIS-NIR
  • Double clad VIS-NIR
  • Acrylate buffering
  • Fiber proof testing and quality assurance
 Fiber processing capabilities
  • Cleaving, tapering, fusing and splicing of fibers
  • Collapsing of capillaries
  • Thin film coatings (metallic and dielectric) at fiber tips or connectors
  • Customized optomechanics for connectors (ferrules, frames etc.)
  • Grinding and polishing of connector ends, fiber tips etc.

Applications for Oplatek fibers and capillaries

  • LIFE SCIENCES AND ANALYZERS (optical cables and fiber bundles for clinical chemistry, rapid test systems, photodynamic therapy etc.)
  • MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS (probes for measuring, fibers for spectroscopy, hyperspectral analyzers etc.)

Capabilities in high-power lasers

  • Pump fibers for pumping fiber lasers (power levels up to 400 W)
  • Multi-kW passive delivery fibers for beam delivery
  • Diode pump connectors
  • Capillaries for incoupling and combining fibers
  • End-capped fibers
  • Back access fiber connectors
  • Testing of high power performance
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