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Suomen suurin teollisuuden messutapahtuma Alihankintamessut juhlii tänä vuonna 30-vuotista taipalettaan, ja mukana menossa on myös Oplatek! Alihankintamessut järjestetään 25.-27.9.2018 Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskuksessa. Löydät meidät osastolta A1118. Rekisteröitymällä etukäteen saat ilmaisen sisäänpääsyn messuille.

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 Lisäksi TechnoGrowth järjestää ilmaisen bussimatkan Alihankintamessuille 26.9.2018 reiteillä Varkaus-Pieksämäki-Tampere ja Iisalmi-Kuopio-Tampere.

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Northern Optics & Photonics 2018

Northern Optics & Photonics 2018 conference brings together photonics scientists and industrial specialists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. NOP 2018 will be arranged on 12-14 September 2018 in Lund, Sweden. The conference is organised by the Swedish Optical Society and PhotonicSweden in conjunction with the Lund University and Lund Laser Centre and sponsored by optics/photonics societies of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Baltic countries. The conference focuses on optics and photonics research and  their industrial applications.

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Oplatek is taking part in the MaTKI-project

Oplatek is taking part in the MaTKI project that focuses on harnessing the materials technology expertise and the infrastructure of regional educational institutions to benefit the local companies. In the project a concept of the materials research center MATERIA has been developed and piloted. MATERIA brings together the expertise, know-how and equipment of 3 educational institutions of different levels: The University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Consortium for Education. MATERIA was created to provide testing, research, development, education and innovation services in materials technology for the companies in the area. MATERIA has the latest equipment, top level expertise and long-term experience in solving problems in materials technology.

Materials research enables R&D and innovations, and is important for companies, because it helps boost competitiveness and developing new business. A local materials research center is beneficial to all companies involved in materials technology.

Along with the educational institutions, 19 companies, city of Kuopio, municipality of Siilinjärvi and Navitas Kehitys Oy are taking part in executing and funding the project. The project receives 3-year funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Kati Stranius published in Nature Communications

Our researcher Kati Stranius, PhD, has published an article “Selective manipulation of electronically excited states through strong light–matter interactions” in Nature Communications – a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Kati explains the research made for the article in short: “Strong light-matter coupling was used to manipulate the energy states of the molecule inside an optical cavity. This phenomena could for example be used to the development of more stable and efficient organig light emitting diodes.”

You can read the whole article here:

Oplatek involved in improving the metrology for the photonics industry

Oplatek is taking part in the PhotInd project, that concentrates on improving the metrology for the photonics industry. 7 NMIs, 7 companies and 4 universities/institutes have joined forces to improve photonics measurements. The 3-year project started in 8/2015.

The use of optical fibers and photonic components is increasing in many rapidly growing and demanding fields such as aviation, telecommunications and automotive industries. These modern photonic systems use novel components with such dimensional and optical properties that cannot be reliably measured using conventional techniques. Thus new measurement technologies and improved metrology are needed to meet the demands of the photonics industry.

The aim of the PhotInd project is to develop online and offline measurement techniques for dimensional and optical characterization of advanced photonic components and devices in fiber and waveguide optics as well as the necessary calibration techniques and artefacts to enable calibration of the newest generation of measuring instruments. This will enable technological breakthroughs and commercialization of the modern photonic systems, strengthening the competitiveness of the European photonics industry.

In the project Oplatek has been involved in the development of measurement techniques for the characterization of advanced optical fibers. A measurement setup for measuring dimensional parameters of advanced optical fibers was designed, built and tested in a real fiber manufacturing process at Oplatek. We also contributed in the developing of high power optical characterization. You can read more about the details of the project at

The PhotInd project has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Optics and Photonics days 2018

Optics & Photonics Days 2018 start today and Oplatek will be there too! The meeting will present the latest development in optics and photonics research as well as progress made by Finnish photonics companies. The special themes of the 2018 days are a single photon, near-field optics, and (bio)imaging. The OPD is organized by Photonics Finland at the University of Jyväskylä and it is an Official International Day of Light event.

First Aid Course for employees

Oplatek organizes First Aid courses to employees every three years. The courses are official Finnish Red Cross First Aid courses (EA-1) and the certificate is valid for three years. The participants learn how to act in an accident or with an attack of illness, the basics of emergency first aid, how to deal with an unconscious person, how to resuscitate and use a defibrillator, how to secure airways, how to control bleeding and dress wounds and what to do with different injuries and most common attacks of illness.

The safety of our employees is very important for us, and we want to do our best to avoid hazards and make sure, that our employees know how to act if something does go wrong at work.

Oplatek at a coatings seminar in Kuopio

Kati Stranius, Researcher PhD from Oplatek, is giving a presentation at a coatings seminar in Kuopio on Wednesday May 16th. She will give an insight into the processes and applications of optical coatings. The seminar is focused on different coatings techniques and how coatings can add value and durability to products. The seminar is organized by MaTKI – a joint project of University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Vocational College. The seminar is free and open to public, sign in by Monday to

New Sourcing Manager at Oplatek

Jorma Korhonen has started as Sourcing Manager at Oplatek. He is in charge of sourcing and purchasing, and will be working in close contact with our suppliers. Jorma has extensive international experience in sourcing, purchasing and marketing, and will be an asset to Oplatek.

Jorma has actually started his career almost 30 years ago in this very building, now a part of Oplatek, so he has come full circle, and we are hoping he is here to stay.