References – Photonics and smart outdoor lighting with C2 SmartLight

Photonics and smart outdoor lighting with C2 SmartLight

Looking around in the internet, you can easily find many examples of cities cutting down the energy consumption of their street lighting by more than 50% with smart controls. However, there is more to it than just saving energy. Smart lighting also means improved safety, comfort, and overall attractiveness of the neighbourhood. For the utilities, it also means more accurate monitoring, more predictable maintenance, and access to an ever-widening range of city data.

In its simplest form, smart outdoor lighting can mean switching the lights on and off, when the proximity sensors detect movement. However, much more advanced approaches and concepts are nowadays adopted to the street lighting projects. These can include IoT enabled smart sensors offering weather, air quality, road condition, or traffic data. They can offer Wi-Fi hotspots, advertising features, or platforms for public notices to citizens. Even the possibility to charge electric vehicles has been envisioned in the future smart street lighting concepts.

We are serving the smart outdoor lighting business with our photonics expertise.

C2 SmartLight Ltd is a Finnish technology company specialized in smart outdoor lighting solutions. Their solutions are suited to even the most challenging environments and conditions, from small yards to entire towns, along with ports, parks, industrial areas, halls, and railway yards. We at Oplatek are proud of our long-term collaboration with C2 SmartLight. Our role in this collaboration has been to deliver photonics-based solutions to C2 SmartLight’s lighting products.